Large Font Printed Pages

Large Font Holiday Pages


Holidays printed in LARGE font to be easy to view and remember! 

Large Font Passwords Page


Pages with large font and note space to track and remember passwords for digital needs. 

Medication & Doctor List


A detailed medication and doctor contact list is essential for the family and grand parents to keep track of. 

Doctor Visit Pages


Summary notes and doctors visits will help everyone remember what important reminders to take away from each doctor visit. 

Important Document Page


Having a spot for important documents is very important to all family members. 

Birthday Tracker


So simple to remember and keep track of Birthdays within the family,  for friends, and others. 

Budget Page


Easy to read Budget page designed to help our grandparents feel in control of their budget. 

Large Font Monthly View


Large Font monthly view with wide margins to allow for writing space. 

Large Font Weekly View


Weekly view allows for medication reminders, shopping lists, standard reminders, and notes. 

Updated Monthly

All Planners are updated monthly to ensure all 12 months can be utilized when ordered!

All Planners are printed in high quality monochrome, and not color. 

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