Become a Mystery Shopper

Have you Ever thought about becoming a mystery shopper? Yes. You heard it, a mystery shopper. Businesses cannot solely rely on Yelp or Google reviews in order to evaluate their business and customer service. Friends & Family would be biased and gruntled customers won't help either. 

So they hire us, mystery shoppers. 

With specific directives and guidelines mystery shoppers are sent in to evaluate, report, and give objective feedback to business owners. 

Your First Steps to Five Star dining, entertainment, & more

Taking Your First Steps

First steps to five star program comes with the mystery shoppers ultimate planner, IMSC membership, a list of recognized & recommended mystery shopping companies so that you will be able to book a job the day planner. 

Industry Guidance

Receive guidance through the use of social media platforms & "secret groups" that are equipped with both veteran and certified shoppers to help answer your questions.
**All groups will be managed and abide by independent contractor agreements, no specific company or location will be discussed**

IMSC Membership

The Independent Mystery Shoppers Coalition (IMSC) is the industry leading in training, networking, and supporting mystery shoppers within the industry. IMSC provides affordable and quality training that is sought after by those looking to begin their walk within the mystery shopping industry.  

Learn More About Independent Mystery Shoppers Coalition (IMSC)

Visit their Website 

First Steps to Five Star Planner

Shopper Training Pages

Shopper training pages are included within the planner to help you begin to schedule, organize, complete your shops while prioritizing your objectives

List of MS Companies

A complete list of Mystery Shopping companies that have been both approved by the MSPA & IMSC

Expenses Pages

Expense tracking pages that allow you to track your payments, write offs, overages, to maximize your tax advantages as an independent contractor

Step By Step Guide

A Step by Step Guide outlining the specifics within the industry, how to build your shopper profile with NO START UP COSTS, how to view, apply, and accept shops

Sample Narratives

Sample Narratives provided by a Mystery Shopping Editor to help give a guide to all new shoppers and help them to write a 10 evaluation

IMSC membership

Ultimate Guide comes with IMSC membership and specific Facebook group with Certified veteran shoppers, weekly Live Facebook Questions/Answer, and training videos

First Steps to Five Star: Complete Guide to becoming a Mystery Shopper


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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Please allow 10-14 days for your planner to arrive.

IMSC Membership Information will be emailed to your provided email address. 

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